EXTRA EXTRA! Teen Iron Chef Competition Success!

The Teen Iron Chef competition was a highly successful and, (if I may add), fun activity with a crowd of about twenty people, both contestants and onlookers. 

See for yourself:

Getting started.


In progress.
Vanessa working it.


Debbie's artistic creation.
Serena's succulent salad.
Ella, Delaney, and Katherine's delice.
Devon's delight.
Dressing for the EDK team's wrap.
Robin's winning salad.
Lakshana's lucious lunch.
Vanessa's winning sculptures.
Robin's winning plates.
Debbie's deliciousness.
Serena's sumptuous savours.
Ella, Delaney, and Katherine's dynamic display.
Devon's daring dinner.
Celebrity Judge: Stéphane of the Library.
Thank you to library celebrity judges Stéphane, Amalia & Karen.


Library staff “celebrity” judges were Stéphane, Amalia, and Karen who awarded a tie for first place to Robin R-S. and Vanessa R-F. 

Congratulations!  These lovely, young ladies are going somewhere with their culinary creations! 

Thank you to all participants!


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