5 thoughts on “HUNGER GAMES MOVIE OPENS! (finally!)

  1. Teen Review
    “It was actually good.
    Do NOT compare it to the book. But, if you haven’t read the book, you’ll have trouble understanding the movie for some parts. I know, contradictory.
    As a movie, I think it’s really good. Keeps you on your toes the way the Hunger Games should. The casting and acting are amazing (except President Snow who looks like Santa Claus and not like the cunning dictator he is, although he plays the part pretty well). The decor in the Capitol is suburb. They didn’t quite hit jackpot with the arena and it’s barely ever night-time in the movie, but over-all it’s good. Missing some parts from the book (to be expected, I suppose), but don’t compare the two.
    I liked it.”

  2. I was so incredibly disappointed, even though I knew it would be disappointing. But the way they ended it was good, and costumes in the Capital were good, even if the environment was lacking in every District.

  3. I liked it a lot- I think they made an honourable attempt at the adaptation. Of course, I prefered the books, because I felt they left out bits, or changed bits I would have prefered to stay the same as in the books, but whatevs. KATNISS, GALE AND PEETA ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!

    OH! And one of the things which diappointed me were the dresses Katniss wore, they weren’t as beautiful as I imagined them, but hey, the directors did what they could.

  4. After seeing the movie, I re-read the book and yes, they did do a good job of making sure all the plot points were there, but all the internal emotional stuff was missing. And how dirty and starving the citizens of District 12 were was really missing.

    That being said, I will definitely go see the next couple of movies! 🙂

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