The Quest: FREEDOM

The Quest Reading Club

Dear friends,

This summer again, starting now, you can take part in the fabulous reading contest The Quest.

This year’s theme to accumulate 2x the number of coupons is FREEDOM.

You can either choose a book where the hero reclaims his lost freedom:

mocking  Click here to download this eBook. 

Or a book where the hero takes a new direction based on his freedom of choice.

You can think about having (or not) the freedom to choose a lover like in: if you download me now!


or to choose to pursue one’s dream instead of an imposed ideal. Such as, but not limited to! Elisa in :girl


Your goal is to make the FREEDOM theme stand out in your book account. You can also write a review – no more than 100 words – where you tell me what aspect of the book was really good or…really bad!

This year everything is online. Don’t hesitate to use our eBook collection when you go on vacation and keep a link to the form in your favorites!

Start now →  The Quest : Book critic Form : Click here.

You will also be requested to register in Ludik.


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