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Join Miranda and her friends on one finale adventure to put ghosts stories to rest and to find how they died and why their still trapped inbetween worlds. This time round watch the relationships amongst the group grow and begin to understand some of the secrets that have yet to be understood in the small town of St. Yvette.  Hope

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Miranda’s life was changed forever after a hurricane hit her beloved house in Florida. Now she has to move to the small town of St. Yvette and start her life all over again. And as if that was her only problem now she’s seeing ghosts! Miranda soon realizes she has to trust others around her to help her understand what she has to do with her new found powers. Spirit Walk is an entertaining story with strong characters and a great insight on trusting friends.   Hope

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Happyface isn’t who he seems. Under his smile is a sad teen trying to be someone he isn’t just to fit in. Happyface is about a young teen who moves away from his old life only to find himself hiding the past to become a different person. Happyface can smile and act all he want but can he really hide who he really is?   Hope

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Living in a disfunctional family is obviously hard, but trying to be in charge of one is even harder. As two teens work together to take care of their three siblings they soon realize their love for each other is stronger than just brother and sister. How can something be so wrong and feel so right? Forbidden is a great book with an interesting story that will keep you thinking about it long after it’s over.  Hope

Charly and her sister have always had huge differences but nothing pushes them apart and brings them together like the adventures in The Space Between Us. Follow the story of two sisters bearing through a confusing and tough time together and how they did in the end see it all work out. Hope

Dreams of gods & monsters / Laini Taylor.
This is the 3rd book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bones trilogy. This book was a very good book, it was suspenseful, but I find that the ending was wrapped up too quickly and left me wanting more. In this book the main character and her friends had to partner with unlikely allies to change their way of life and free their world, and free Earth from war. Gemma

A must-read page turner for girls!

Seven minutes in heaven : a Lying game novel / by Sara Shepard.This is the sixth and last book of the Lying Game series, from the author of the extremely popular Pretty Little Liars series. We can easily recognize the writing style of the author, since both series start with a murder that needs to be solved and the main characters have to lie to figure out the truth. Those lies just bring them deeper underground, and creates moe trouble. Seven Minutes in Heaven is full of mystery, suspense, lies and surprising revelations. It’s the twisted story of a girl who lost an identical twin she never met, narrated by that dead twin. In this dark and compelling book, everything is becoming clear, and the mystery is finally solved, the killer found. Emma’s story is reaching its climax, and leaves us wondering until the very end.   Annie

I loved it!

Bitterblue / Kristin Cashore.

This book was really good, as was the rest of the Graceling series. I noticed that this one was longer than the two others, with a lot of extra content, like a more detailed map, a list of characters and their description, and pictures at the end of the book. This story happens 8 years after Graceling, the first book. Like the other books, there is action and romance in it. It’s well written, with more interesting characters, more intriguing Graces (extreme skills that some people have) and more sticky situations. Characters from previous books make their appearance in this book, and even Fire, the main character of the second book, comes back in this story. I loved it!  Annie
Looking for Alaska : a novel / by John Green.

“I went into this book with high expectations, i had read john greens other books and i had loved them. So i expected to love this book just as much. But in all honestly i didn’t, this really is just my opinion.

I loved the writing style and the characters. I only had a problem with the plot, i didn’t feel like it was all that interesting. Part of the plot was great it was funny and i enjoyed reading it. But as a whole i feel like the plot lacked something that made it complete. I’m just not sure what that is.

I would give this book a 4/5 stars and a 87%.”  Fatma


The eye of minds / James Dashner.

“This book was honestly extremely confusing. It was a good book and i liked the plot and the character, the only problem was that half the time i didn’t really understand what was going on.

i loved how there was so much detail in the book, when i understood what was happening it was so well explain that i felt like i was there.

I would give this book 3/5 stars and a 75% because i didn’t understand it that well but except for that it was an amazing book. ”  Fatma


Brave story / Miyuki Miyabe ; translated by Alexander O. Smith.This book was slow to start, but I ended up really enjoying it! Wataru, the main character, travels to a place imagined by the humans of the real world,a place called Vision. His goal is to free himself and his mother from a tragic fate that has befallen them, and to do this he must reach the Tower of Destiny and make his request to the Goddess. There is a lot of action in this book and in the end it has a very important lesson.  Gemma


Shadows in the silence : an Angelfire novel / Courtney Allison Moulton.

“This is the third and last book of the Angelfire trilogy. I honestly have to admit that I liked the first two books better, but I still enjoyed this one. Maybe I was reading too fast or thinking of something else while reading. I love angel stories, and how many of angels in the story are named after angels who some people actually believe in. I like the concept of Ellie being an Archangel (who is supposed to be male) in a human body sent on Earth to protect the humans. I also like the concept of fallen angels, reapers, who can be angelic or demonic, good or evil. I like how Cadan is a demonic reaper, but isn’t evil and is capable of helping others.
This novel is dark, exciting and filled with action, but it can quicly turn into a light and fluffy romantic mood. Also, I find that the story is very predictable, and the romantic scenes are mainly repetitive kissing scenes with elaborate descriptions that all end up meaning the same thing.  ”  Annie

”This book made me sit on the edge of my seat”

Legend / Marie Lu.

In the first book of this trilogy, the flips between Day and June’s perspectives. Day is The Republic’s most wanted criminal, but he may not be driven by evil motives. On the other hand, June is from a wealthy family, and is known for being the only person to receive a perfect score on the Trial. Though they come from completely different worlds, their paths cross when June’s brother is killed, and Day is the suspect. This book made me sit on the edge of my seat, and I couldn’t wait for the mystery to be solved.  Jane



Product DetailsInvincible is an intriguing story about Nick a teenager who finds himself in the middle of a supernatural and dangerous world. All nick wants is to fit in at school, keep his mother safe and learn how to properly harness his powers as well, whatever he really is. Nick has a lot of things to learn as he only begins to understand what kind of dark magic will always follow him and the supernatural of New Orleans…  Hope

Livre “I really loved this book. I like the way it’s written, the characters, the actual story, the backstories… I think that the only thing I didn’t like about it was te name of one of the main characters: Beth. I don’t know why, but it ticks me off a little.
I loved how the author made even the smallest things stand out, make the dull seem like so much more. A bottle of rainwater, and ribbons that are so much more than strips of fabric… I also loved all the craziness, the family issues, the drama, the romance, and Ryan and Beth’s search for their true selves. Who doesn’t love elaborate books with dark secrets and wicked backstories? (No, I’m not twisted, I just enjoy good books!)”  Annie


“Do books from the Children’s section count too?      –Yes, they do count! (your librarian says so!)

Dork diaries. [4], Tales from a not-so-graceful ice princess / Rachel Renee Russell.

I used to really like the Dork Diaries series. It’s like “”Diary of a Wimpy Kid””, but more focused on girls. But since the Dork Diaries are written for tweens, I guess I outgrew them. I still really like the drawings, and the story is pretty funny, but I can’t help thinking that the book is extremely cliché (typical). I think the main character Nikki is seriously overly dramatic (and she’s 14 years old), but that’s what makes the book funny. It was a bit too short for my taste, but refreshing.”    Annie



This is the fourth book in the Flavia de Luce novels. Flavia is a young girl who has a love for chemistry (especially poisons) and a fascination with the dead, which makes her adept at solving the mysteries of murder. Once again she puts her skills to use as she searches her own home for the murderer responsible for the death of a famed actress. Gemma


  This is the story of three sisters who are living their lives as one person. They’re doing this to hide from people who may want to hurt their family since they’re actually clones. They realize that they hate living as one girl, so they take risks (well it’s mostly one of them that’s taking these risks) to free themselves from this way of living and to reclaim their individuality.    Gemma


Fathomless / Jackson Pearce.

This book alternates between two characters; Lo and Celia. Lo used to be human and she’s fighting to remember her past and free herself, and her mind, from her watery prison. She does this with the help of Celia who can read people’s pasts with the smallest of touches. Celia is trying to become her own person, and not just part of her trio of sisters.  Gemma


Etiquette & espionage / Gail Carriger.

This book is about a 14-year-old girl by the name of Sophronia. She’s a bit of a trouble maker , so to change her direction in lige her mother sends her off to an elite finishing school, but little does her mother know that in this school they may be learning to be proper ladies, but they’re also learning the art of espionage. Talk about taking a new direction in life!  Gemma

Livre    This book is about a 14-year-old girl by the name of Sophronia. It is the 2nd book in the Finishing school series. She’s a bit of a trouble maker , so to change her direction in lige her mother sends her off to an elite finishing school, but little does her mother know that in this school they may be learning to be proper ladies, but they’re also learning the art of espionage. In this book Sophronia really has to put what she has learned to the test.  Gemma


Livre     I love John Green’s books! They are so well written and have to do with important issues whilst still being enjoyable. This book had to do with the unconditional love that comes with friendship and has to do with homosexuality. I really liked that this book alternated between two characters and I liked how they were brought together and their relationship after they were.  Gemma


“The book wasn’t at all what i expected, at first it was boring and not all that grading, but when you get to the end you just want it reread it over and over again.
The author used metaphors and different phrase to grab your attention back to the book. The characters felt thought out and they each seemed to have a different personality but at the same time you could see how they were all the same inside.

I really enjoyed this book. I would give it 5/5 and a 98% because it is amazing. ”  Fatma



Product DetailsFour: A Divergent Collection was a very good addition to the Divergent collection. It was a light and simple read with many twists and turns through the story. I was quite surprised of what the author, Veronica Roth, did with the history of Tobias, one of the main characters. This book really gives you a new perspective of the wonderful trilogy. You get to learn a lot about the main character. I truly recommend!!!  Arshia

I truly recommend!!!! Livre

The Secret: The Power is the most inspirational book I have ever read! You just fall in love with this book. It moves you in ways I cannot explain. Rhonda Byrne, the author, tells her life story through this magnificent novel. It is a book for psychology lovers like me. If your life is a mess and you need something to sort it out, this is the book for you. It gives you a hope and something to look forward to.  Arshia


This is a book from the Blind Date with a Book program. I personally think it was great, a little cliché but still very original. I like how the two main characters are named after twoBeatle meets Destiny / Gabrielle Williams. members of the Beatles. I love how the story was all about signs, connections, strange links between Beatle and Destiny. I love how superstitious Beatle is, making each superstition (like Friday the 13th and black cats) a big deal, and how it all lead to Destiny in the end. I wish it could really be like that: obvious signs telling someone who their soulmate is… I love both Beatle and Destiny’s personality and honesty, making this book fun to read.  Annie













Under Wildwood / Colin Meloy ; illustrations by Carson Ellis.

This is the sequel to Wildwood, and the second book in the trilogy. Prue McCeel must venture back into WIldwood and go under Wildwood to save the people from the Bicycle Coup, and reunite the country. I thought that this book was quite well-written, although there were a few too many details that cluttered the main plot somewhat. But the ending was good, because it left me wanting to read the next book.   Jane


I loved it!

Minders / Michele Jaffe.

This book is pure fiction, but it seems the author believes in scientific progress. In the future, this story could very well happen. It’s based on one scientific discovery: Syncopy, which allows one person to enter another’s mind. I’ve always believed that one day, we would be able to read minds, and with this elaborate, pretty realistic book, I feel like it’s no longer an impossible fantasy. I love how this story is easy to relate to, how it starts off purely scientific, moves on to a more humoristic mood, progresses slowly with a mystery to solve and ends with romance. This book is filled with suspense,plot twists, tipping points and romance.  Annie

Reached / Ally Condie.

The Matched trilogy, starring Cassia, Ky and Xander, is really amazing. Because I read its first two books a long time ago, I don’t remember much from them, only the most important stuff. Even so, I think that Reached is a memorable conclusion to the story. I like the setting, and i find that the conditions people live in are interesting. I like how there are three different point of views (Cassia’s, Ky’s and Xander’s), each unique with a different way of speaking, thinking and explaining things. I like how the story focuses on this particular triangle, and how the author makes many references to poems. I also like the fact that somehow, all the characters are connected (It’s a small world).  Annie

Product DetailsStranger with my face is a mystery YA novel with many twists and turns. Lois Duncan tells a tale about Laurie Stratton, a young girl with a big history. This book is in a form of a story which the protagonist, Laurie, is writing down. Laurie has quite an unusual life. She discovers that she is adopted after seeing her long lost twin sister near her house. She learns further on that her sister Lia is trying to steal her life. With support of her friends, will she able to face her twin? I personally did not like this book as much as others but it might appeal to those who like evil twin stories.  Arshia


The infinite moment of us / Lauren Myracle.

The Infinite Moment of Us is a great book. Lauren Myracle wrote a truthful young romance between two lovers. She wrote a story with many important                                      characters who play major and minor roles in this YA novel. The story takes place with two characters, Wren and Charlie. Wren is an amazing student with a shy and beautiful personality. She has an outgoing best friend named Tessa whose ambitions in life revolve around her boyfriend. Charlie is a simple and sweet adolescent who crosses ways with Wren during high school. They share a summer romance like another. Wren starts to get involved with her plans and desires which makes Charlie angry. They soon drift apart but are reunited by their true love. It was a great readArshia


If I stay : a novel / by Gayle Forman.

If I stay is truly one of the best contemporary books I have ever read. From the moment I saw this book in store, I just knew I had to purchase it. The story follows a young girl named Mia on the day of a terrible car accident. Her family is killed in a glimpse and she falls instantly into a deep coma. Her spirit comes out of her body and she is able to witness every thing around her. She sees her relatives crying in the hospital room, her ambitious boyfriend trying to get access to the operation room and her best friend fighting for her. Through all her close ones, Mia feels alone. She desperately wants to leave and stay at the same time. She wants to be free from a miserable life to come but wants to face as well. With flash backs and recurring memories, the reader feels how torn Mia is with this confusing decision. I truly recommend!  Arshia


Uninvited is amazing!

Product DetailsThis beautifully written novel by Sophie Jordan is exceptional. It will keep you up at night. The story gives you a new take on any dystopian society book. I loved the way the author describes every emotion felt by Davy Hamilton, the protagonist. A romantic dystopian novel that will blow you away. Davy Hamilton is just an ordinary girl until she discovers that she has the kill gene. This gene makes you excessively violent at any time. She is astonished! She could not event hurt a fly. Her neighbors, she school friends and even her parents are now afraid of her. All her aspirations of going to Julliard and becoming a musician are over. Davy must now lead a new life, a life with people of her own kind. She must discover her real self before it is too late. I truly recommend !  Arshia

Matched / Ally Condie.

Matched is an impeccable YA dystopian novel. From the moment I heard about this book, I was ecstatic! I knew that this is a book I desperately needed to read. From the story line to the plot development to the character description, This book is truly spectacular. A young girl named Cassia lives in a society where everything is chosen for her, even her husband! The Match ceremony comes by, a ceremony that decides who your future husband or wife will be. When Cassia sees her best friend Xander on the screen, she is thrilled. But when she is handed a screen card with her match’s information, she sees someone else. From that point, things start to change. Cassia is watched 24/7. She starts to realise that a life planned for you is not so perfect as it seems. Cassia must be cautious and attentive. Freedom in life with boundaries will be harder then she expected. I truly recommend! Arshia

Delirium / Lauren Oliver.

Delirium is an amazing dystopian novel written by Lauren Oliver. I have to admit, I was not quite certain that I would like this book in the starting. Once I read it, I was thrilled! The story is extraordinary! In a world where love is a disease, Lena can’t wait until her procedure. It will cure her from love and bring happiness in her ordinary life but when charming young Alex arrives in her world, he brings something magical: love. Lena feels and reacts differently unlike anyone else. Thought her life, her decisions have been made for her. She has yet to discover that freedom from this miserable life comes with a cost. In a story with twists and turns, Lena must decide between a simple life like everyone else or an endangered one with her lover. I truly recommend!  Arshia


The gathering / Kelley Armstrong.Join Maya, a sixteen-year-old girl from the a middle-of-nowhere town as she realizes that her perfect little life is not exactly what she expected. As Maya and her friends start to realize the town has been hiding these teens from their true identities Maya and her friends are captured and must learn how to keep themselves hidden from the people who know what and who they are. The Gathering is a book I would recommend to all young people who enjoy a good fantasy and adventure series.  Hope









The calling / Kelley Armstrong.Maya and her friends had to flee their small town of Salmon Creek in a forest fire that they are sure was deliberately set. After the evacuation helicopter crashes they must survive in the forest until they can find a city to blend in with but, being stranded in the forest is-int their only problem, Maya and her friends are becoming more and more powerful and they are only beginning to understand what they really are. Kelly Armstrong’s Darkness Rising series is an interesting and adventurous novel that I would strongly suggest to all avid fiction readers!  Hope








The rising / Kelley Armstrong.

Join Maya in her final adventure with her friends as they learn the truth about the two rival corporations hunting them down. Follow these teens on an epic journey home only to learn that where they used to call home has been completely abandoned and that there are only a few more places where they can now seek refuge. As Maya and her friends get the answers they need to finally discover why they are so valuable they realize that somethings are really not what they seem. In the last book of the Darkness Rising series enjoy an amazing twist with some of your favorite characters from another one of Kelly Armstrong’s trilogies.   Hope


The knife of never letting go / Patrick Ness.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a very interesting story idea that was well executed. The main character Todd Hewitt has to leave his home to escape the horror that goes on within its boundaries. His has to run and fight to obtain his freedom and the freedom of his friend Viola.  Gemma



This is the sequel to the book I Hunt Killers, which I really enjoyed. It is about Jasper Dent, the son of notorious serial killer Billy Dent.Game / Barry Lyga.

Jasper is trying desperately not to become like his father who had raised Jasper to follow in his footsteps. Jasper is trying to free himself from his connections to his father and from his fear of becoming like Billy.   Gemma









 Into thin air : a personal account of the Mount Everest disaster / Jon Krakauer.

I read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend and also because I loved another book the author wrote; Into the Wild. This book was amazing and incredible. It was almost impossible to fathom that the situations in the book actually happened in real life, since the main character if the author himself. This book tells of the freedom, and the dangers that come with mountaineering.  Gemma


“This might be one of the best romance novels I have ever read.” Annie

Everneath / Brodi Ashton.


“This book is filled with touching romantic scenes. Nikki, Jack and Cole form an interesting love triangle. I love the fact that the author based her story on the myths of Hades and Persephone,Orpheus and Eurydice , and Osiris and Isis (I love mythology). I also love the way earth and the land of the Immortals (in this context, the Surface and the Everneath) are connected. I also find that the idea of the Feed is original and interesting (The Feed is when an Everliving drains a human’s life force. From a human’s point of view, an Everliving drains his or her emotions to survive).  Annie




The crown of embers / Rae Carson.

“It was a good book. I liked the way the author wrote it: it was simple and easy to understand, but precise. I also liked the characters and the setting of the story. But I think that the story is a little heavy, having the main character fall in love twice in the first book and once more in this second book. ”  Annie

Dead until dark : [a Sookie Stackhouse novel] / Charlaine Harris.

This is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series that the tv show True Blood is based off of. I started reading it because I adore the show. I found that this book had a good plot line, but that the writing quality wasn’t very good and that it wasn’t nearly as interesting and exciting as the show, but that it still wasn’t a bad read.  Gemma


Living dead in Dallas : [a Sookie Stackhouse novel] / Charlaine Harris.

This is the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series that the tv show True Blood is based off of. I started reading it because I adore the show. I found that this book had a good plot line, but that the writing quality wasn’t very good and that it wasn’t nearly as interestingand exciting as the show, but that it still wasn’t a bad read. Gemma


Club Dead : [a Sookie Stackhouse novel] / Charlaine Harris.

This is the third book in the Sookie Stackhouse series that the tv show True Blood is based off of. I started reading it because I adore the show. I found that this book had a good plot line, but that the writing quality wasn’t very good and that it wasn’t nearly as interesting and exciting as the show, but that it still wasn’t a bad read. This book was better than the first 2 in the series. Gemma

Vortex : a Tempest novel / Julie Cross.

I liked this book. Actually, I liked the idea of it more than the actual story. I love the way the author combined time-travelling, secret organizations, mystery, clones and romance altogether to create the Tempest series. I liked the story too, but it was kind of confusing and I had to read the book more than once to actually understand it (or maybe I was just distracted). It’s hard to keep up when Jackson, the main character, jumps from one time to another, but also from a world to another, and I’m never quite sure where he is until it’s mentioned in the book. Annie


The Rithmatist / Brandon Sanderson ; illustrations by Ben McSweeney.

“I adored this book! I cannot wait for the sequel to come out! It was wonderfully written and the characters were fabulous. I recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy. The story is really interesting and it has a few wonderful moments.” Gemma



This is the 3rd and last book in the Maze Runner series. It was ok, but it really dragged on and it wasn’t very exciting anymore. The death cure / James Dashner.

It had to do with freedom because the characters had to fight to be free of WICKED and their experiments. Gemma





Attachments [electronic resource (eBook)] : a novel / Rainbow Rowell.

“I loved this book, it was funny light and I couldn’t put it down. I found myself giggles a lot (like i do with all of Rowell’s books).

I loved the character and the story was extremely original. I enjoy reading as Lincoln slowly fell for Beth without even seeing her. I enjoyed how he fell in love with her, it was different and amazing. I felt like the story was grabbing and the characters well developed. I found it interesting that when Beth and Jennifer where email it wasn’t like a normal book, it was just them talking back and forth.

But there were a few things I didn’t enjoy, mostly it was the change from book writing style to just emails. I felt like when I was reading the emails they didn’t tell me as much as when i was reading the other chapters. It was an interesting way to write but i didn’t really enjoy reading it. I also really wanted more, the ending felt incomplete, it was good but i really wanted more, like an epilogue or something.

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars and 84%.”  Fatma


Jane — our fab last week winner — gives an  8/10 to

Wildwood / Colin Meloy ; illustrations by Carson Ellis.

This book was very interesting, combining both the worldly human struggles, and the magical realm of talking animals. Prue, the main character, sets out to find her brother after he has been kidnapped by crows, and taken to the impassable wilderness. I would give this story an 8 out of 10!  Jane

Speechless / Hannah Harrington.

 Speechless gets 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I really liked this books, it ‘s a normal length for a book, but it felt short while i read it. I think i only took around an hour and i flew thought it in one sitting.

This book really graded my from the different obstacles all the character face, to the decisions the main character made. I felt like her decision were always what she should have done and the consequences were to be expected. In other books i feel like a person does something and they just live on, in this book it shows us that every decision has a consequences whether it is good or bad. I also really loved the characters and the story as a whole. This book takes about issues that many people encounter and I felt like the author managed to show them but not in a way that feels forced.

I feel like this books deals with freedom of choice, freedom of opinion and the freedom to make your own decision not the decisions others want you to make. The main character makes a choice that goes against her friends and after that she had the freedom she needed to grow as a person and to make her own choices and not theses of her so-called friends.

I really loved this book and i would give it a 5/5 stars and a 97%”  Fatma


Isle of the dead / Emily Rodda.


Isle of the Dead is the third book in Emily Rodda’s “Dragons of Deltora” series. The main characters are on a mission to destroy the Four Sisters, four sinister creations of the evil Shadow Lord that poison the land with their toxic songs.  The heroes must face perils of all sorts, from a ghost ship to a ferocious sea monster, in order to reach their goal.  Michael





47 / by Walter Mosley.


This book 47 by Walter Mosley is about slavery in the eighteenth century. this story is told by a young boy, number 47 describing his experience as a slave on a Plantation in the United States. The main character 47 deals with his loss of his mother and father. 47 has a step mother that took care of 47 since 3 years old when his parents died named Mama Flore. 47 meet this guy named Tall John he came from beyond Africa. Tall John helps 47 try to get away from slavery and he also helps 47 pick cotton. Tall John and 47 meet a girl named eighty four. Eighty four,Tall John and 47 help each other pick cotton. Jacqueline






Angels & demons / Dan Brown.

“This book was amazing, i really loved the story, setting and characters. I really loved the idea behind the book, which i will not explain here for the sake of not spoiling anyone.

The book is a bit long and it takes sometime to read, but it is mostly fast paced and the parts that aren’t fast are interesting nought to make you want to kept reading.

During some parts of the book i was a bit confused about what was being said or explained, since they started going into detail about a scientific experiment or they started to talk about historical figure I did not know.That would be the only thing I didn’t really like about the book.
I would give this book 4/5 stars and 89%, even thought I feel like it should be 5 stars I also I feel like somethings could have been better explained. ”  Fatma




Die for Me (Revenants, #1)  Die for me” is the beginning of the Revenants series. This amazing book is a must read for those who love paranormal romance. It talks about a girl named Kate who, along with her sister, will have to live with her grandparents in Paris after their parents die in a tragic car accident. Ever since then, she loses herself in books to escape the pain from losing her beloved ones. Then comes along a boy named Vincent Delacroix. He’s mysterious, has a killer smile and isn’t your ordinary Parisian boy. An encounter at a coffee shop will seal their fates together. In the end, Kate will have to choose whether she is ready or not to finally free herself from her misery and finally let someone in her heart.  Anna Jenina

Until I Die (Revenants, #2)  This is the second book to the Revenants series. Kate has chosen to live in the supernatural world with her lover Vincent and his Revenant family. She is now a part of their world and hence, a new prey to the Revenant’s enemy who hunts them: the Numa. Kate is then thrust into a war that she will have to fight with all her strength in order to save her lover and family. This awesome book is filled with fast paced action and a captivating romance. Amy Plum has written an amazing sequel that will leave you wanting for more.  Anna Jenina

If I Should Die (Revenants, #3)  This is the third and final instalment of the Revenants series. After surviving the war with the Numa, Kate and Vincent’s family are once again fighting for their lives. A betrayal has lead her to lose the love of her life, but she will do anything to get him back. Risks are taken, blood is shed, but she will stop at nothing to get Vincent back once again with her. Also, a surprising turn of events will lead her grandfather into telling her what he knows about the supernatural world she’s been living in and helping her survive the upcoming war. A big risk will change her life forever and she will have no choice but to accept her fate. This book has got me cheering, crying and laughing since the beginning of the series. Now the ending had me shocked at all the twists and turns of events. A very fit ending to an incredible paranormal romance series. Anna Jenina

Linger / Maggie Stiefvater.

Linger has amazed me! The story of werewolves surviving in modern culture and the story of a girl in true love. The second in its series, the characters only begin to realise there is no escape from who you are and what you do. An amazing novel that I would suggest to all. Linger continues to amaze my friends with such an amazing fictional story line!  Hope

One for sorrow : Tales from Cook's Cove / Mary C. Sheppard.

One For Sorrow has brought me to value the true meaning of literacy. This beautiful story of a young Newfoundlanders has so much spirit. Issy overcomes so many challenges that lead her to a better place in life where she can live without the limitations of the past. Hope

This is what happy looks like / Jennifer E. Smith.

 We always seem to search for happiness but, it always surprises those who don’t. This Is What Happy Looks Like has changed my view on unexpected love. When Ellie is e-mailed about babysitting a pig Wilbur, of whom she has never heard of before, she begins to befriend the sender and soon finds out it not exactly who she expected him to be. Can a relationship with a superstar work out for a small town Maine girl and a super move star? I really enjoyed this amazing novel and hope you will too!  Hope

Forever / Maggie Stiefvater.

The third book in Maggie Stiefvaters wonderful trilogy I really enjoyed this novel. When Grace who only recently became a true wolf (she is a werewolf) she soon discovers what danger her friends, pack and lover Sam, are actually in. Discover the dangers of her supernatural life as you read a novel of love, danger and life.  Hope

The One / Kiera Cass.

In this finale of the Selection trilogy, only four contenders are left to compete for the privilege of becoming Prince Maxon’s wife. America, the main character, is not sure where she stands. Now, rebel attacks are becoming more frequent as well as dangerous. She doesn’t know wether she is ready to be the princess, or if she really wants Maxon’s heart. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Jane

“I loved this book so much, it was amazing. A great ending to a great series. This book was honestly worth the year wait.

In the first two books the plot was filled with holes. But they were all fixed in this book and it didn’t feel forced, it was well written. I loved how all the secrets were revealed and we finally got to know everything. The book it self was serious and fun at the same time.

I felt like the ending was a bit rushed. It might have been better if the book had been longer. Another thing I didn’t like about this book didn’t have anything to do with the story or writing, but the cover. It looks amazing and it works great with the other covers, but I felt like the cover spoilers the book.

I gave this book a well earned 5 out of 5 stars, and a 97%”  Fatma


Book Jacket  I absolutely LOVED this book! I felt the emotions of the main character, Anna(yes it’s the same name as me), throughout the whole story. I can also relate to her life story, which is another reason as to why I found this book well written! I cried, smiled and got mad while reading this book. The romance between Anna and Étienne is indescribable!  It might have been complicated in the beginning since he had a girlfriend, even though he was attracted to Anna. They didn’t have the freedom to love each other, because of that somewhat big obstacle. Although, the anticipation of knowing whether they would get together or not gave me a lot shivers! With so many adventures that happens between them, I couldn’t wait to know the ending of their romantic story! Anyhow, this is a must read for all those who love romantic books. This kept me up all night and it was all worth it!   Anna Jenina

A red herring without mustard : [a Flavia de Luce novel] / Alan Bradley.

This was the 3rd book in the Flavia de Luce series about an 11 year old girl who loves chemistry (mostly poisons) and loves to solve murders. This book was enticing and well written and Flavia is a fabulous character! I really enjoyed this book, as well as the series. Highly recommended!  Gemma

Just listen : a novel / by Sarah Dessen.

” I highly enjoyed reading this book, it was a light funny and romantic read. I enjoyed the plot, characters and story.

But there are things in this book that I disliked. I feel like some of the troubles Annabel faces are a bit exaggerated and unrealistic. I don’t think that the problems themselves are unrealistic or exaggerated. On the contrary it is perfectly normal to face these obstacles, thousands even millions of people do so everyday. What I found unrealistic was the amount of problems she was facing. Annabel has far too much drama in her live, and for all of this to be happening at once is unrealistic and it seemed a bit exaggerated.

I had trouble picking the book up and motivating myself to read it, but once I had it in my hands I flew through it. “  Fatma

The Scorch Trials / James Dashner.

This is the 2nd book in the Maze Runner trilogy. I really enjoyed the first book, and it ended on a cliff hanger and I was happy to see that The Scorch Trials picked up where The Maze Runner left off. The Scorch Trials wasn’t as exciting in some parts and there were a few scenarios that I found a bit annoying. Overall I enjoyed the book, but it’s not one I would reread.  Gemma

   ” I really enjoyed reading this book, it was hilarious, romantic and just plain fun. The character were developed in an amazing way, I loved everything about them, from the way Harper and David argued to the excuse they come up with when strange stuff would happen.
This book was just plain fun and delightful to read and I was constantly giggling. I couldn’t put it down at all, I finished it in one sitting. The ending was amazing as well, and i can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. I need to know what happens next.

I think that one of the things I didn’t like in this book would be the love triangle, I didn’t enjoy that part of the book. I felt like it was at first it was ok but then near the ending it felt really forced, I didn’t enjoy the romance in general in this book.

But in the end I really enjoy this book and I easily overlooked its small flaws when I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and a 91%.” Fatma



Panic / Lauren Oliver.

“There were many amazing part of this book that I highly enjoyed, the excitement and tension was amazing. I wanted to know what was going to happen next, but I didn’t want to read it. The story it self was amazing and extremely suspenseful. I enjoyed how oliver made the story in different points of view instead of just one. I felt like this way the read would get the entire experience of panic and it allows they to understand the game better. Each character lives a different live and had different views on the game and I felt like that was an amazing thing to read about.

But even if I loved the views of the characters, I couldn’t get myself to care for them or connect to them in any way. I also felt like a few of the scene in the book were a lot like the ones in Oliver’s other novel Delirium. Some for the character, i felt like they were somewhat the same people and that they just had different names.
I feel like this book deals with freedom in a sense of having the freedom of choice. The story takes place in a small town and no one has the money to leave the town. The game panic gives the character a chance to leave and become what they want to be. It also has to do with understanding who you are and being free of your past problems and issues.

I had some trouble grading this book at first, but in the end i settled with 3 out of 5 stars and 76%.” Fatma


“I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would. The beginning was amazing, but after the huge event that happened, there is the time skip, and  I stop liking the book. I enjoyed the day in paris and the ending, but I didn’t like the rest of the book to be honest. In my opinion it was just boring and I felt like the book could have been a lot shorter.

I also didn’t really like the main character, I felt like she had no personality, even through out the book she didn’t seem to grow or develop at all.

I would have to give it a 2/5 stars and a 63%”  Fatma

out of the easy

This was a very interesting book, it was well written and very moving. This book deals with freedom because the main character, Josie, is struggling to be free of her life in New Orleans. She’s the daughter of a prostitute who does not care for her and who steals from her. She wants to be free of her horrible life there and go to college, which she manages to do. Gemma

cressThis is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles and is just as exciting and compelling as the first two books. This novel is full of adventure, action, and a little bit of romance. The book focuses on different characters from chapter to chapter so you don’t miss anything exciting. It deals with freedom because the main characters are fighting to free Earth from an evil lunar queen and Cress is freeing herself from her so-called obligations to this queen and she was freed from a satellite where she had been confined for 7 years.  Gemma

This is the third book in the Lunar chronicles. In this book, Cinder and her accomplices decide to get help from Cress, a girl stuck in a satelite off the moon. However, the rescue of Cress ends disastrously and the group is separated. Even though they are apart, they still are working towards overthrowing the reign of the Lunar queen Levana, and restoring the throne to Cinder, who is the true queen. Jane

nameThis novel was hard to get into at first because I was waiting for the action to start, but when it did it sucked me in. Rory, a teenager from Louisiana, is going to boarding school in London. When there someone starts to recreate Jack the Ripper’s murders. Rory has a near death experience that allows her to see ghosts. She has to fight to free London and her friends of the ghost that’s killing the same way Jack did. Gemma


This book is the 8th in the series, and like the others it was full of action and adventure. This book was amazing, there were so many plot twists and exciting things happening. There were times when I wanted to hurl the book across the room, which is always a sign of good reading material. Gemma


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