Your choice…your stars!!!

Summer 2015

5bleu  Livre   I haven’t read many zombie books recently, but this one is great. I guess it’s also a typical YA book, with an action-based intrigue and romance throughout the book. Annie



Victoria Brennan has to go live with her father in Charleston, South Carolina after he mother died in a car accident. Over there, she met new people and made new friends. She always hangs out with Hiram, Shelton and Ben, three boys that go to the same school as her and live in the same neighborhood. They all have one common interest: science. In their free time, they head out to Loggerhead island, an island reserved for scientific researches, where their parents all work. One day, the four friends found a mysterious object on the island. Mystery, adventure and action awaits in the novel ”Virals” by Kathy Reichs.  Elsa


Livre   A good book, with characters that are pretty different from those in Sara Shepard’s other series, but a bit predictable since the plot resembles the others, with a murder and girls falsely accused.  Annie


Product Details

5vert  This book is about high school, friendship, bullying and investigations. If you like books filled with suspense and mystery, this book is one you should read! This book is about a boy called Sherman Mack that just entered high school called Harewood Tech with his best friends Rick and Vanessa. But this isn’t just any high school. Students, but mostly girls at Harewood Tech get bullied in a very special way. Someone hangs a picture of a girl in every bathroom in the school and rights a red ”D” on it. Then, it’s as if that girl just disappeared. No one seems to notice her anymore, as if she became invisible… Follow Sherman Mack, amateur P.I., as he starts investigating to try to find who is behind all of this. Elsa


4bleus  Livre  This award winning book is certainly one I recommend! Tis book is filled with action and suspense, as well as friendship and romance. This is the story of Matt Cruse (the main character), a very brave teenager that works as a cabin boy on an airship called the Aurora, which he is very proud of and calls it his home. His father was a former member of the Aurora’s crew, but he died a few years ago, and Matt is determined to follow his father’s footprints. Elsa


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