Your Stars!! June 28 to July 4


Livre  4bleus  Unite Me includes two novellas and Juliette’s Diary entries from the Shatter Me trilogy. The novellas revolve around Warner and Adam, the two main male rivals in the trilogy. I recommend reading this before the third book, so after the second one because it kind of introduces the last book and its almost pointless when we already know all the secrets. But like the three other books, I really like the writing style and the concept in general. Annie

Livre  4 étoiles    I really like the plot/concept of the trilogy, with the Darkling and the grisha. I like the author’s writing style and the way she wrote the introduction and conclusion. This last book gives us the answer to all of our previous questions, but I find that the ending was kind of predictable, since the story can only lead there. PS: The story sounds very Russian for some reason.  Annie




Wilow Chance was addoped years ago by her loveing parents but all that changes when she comes home one day and finds out her parents have died in a car accident. While waiting for what will happen to her she keeps trying to ignore that she had now lost evrything that was ever close to her.  Samantha

4bleus  2 Out of a 6 book series. This book is about 4 kids stranded on an island trying to get off so they could go home.This book is never slow. There is always something else happening making you not want to stop reading! Cassandra


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