Your Choice…Your Stars!! July 6 to July 12

Livre  5bleuSophie Foster, a 12 year-old girl, is a telepath, someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her. She goes through adventures to find out who she really is. I loved how it made me want to find out what happens next. I related to the character! I am currently reading the sequel “The Keeper of the Lost Cities – Exile”.   Mona

A 12 year-old girl goes through alot in her high school years. She starts having problems with her teeth because she hit her teeth on the ground and one tooth was jammed up in her gums. I could relate to the story somewhat because I also have braces. I liked the graphic novel style because when you see the picture, you can imagine the story. I immediately read the sequel called ‘Sisters. Mona 


It’s about three siblings, Cordelia, Brendan and Eleanor, who move into a new house and they found out that this house is full of secrets. The previous owner kept things for them to discover. I liked this book because it was juicy and had twists & turns. I have also read the sequel which is called “House of Secrets – Battle of the Beast”. Mona
multi Livre

This book is about a girl who babysits kids with her friends. Her mother is dead and her father doesn’t let her stay up until 10pm but she argues with her father about this because her friends are allowed to stay up later. I could relate to this story because I baby-sit my sisters when we are home alone. I may read more books in this series.  Mona


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