Your Choices…Your Stars!!



5étoiles  The book is a great books for teens who are willing to take an old fashioned adventure on The African Queen with the main characters named Rose and Charlie Allnutt.  Sophie
4vertLivreThis book will teach teens to always be kind to people no matter what they look like. Sophie 


Livre  5bleu  This book will take you on a marvellous adventure through Alaska with the characters of Russel and Oogruk. Sophie
 Livre  5jaune  This book is the second book in the Divergent series in which it takes you into another world with the main characters named Tris and Tobias. In Insurgent ,these two characters go on secret missions out of there chosen faction, Dauntless, and go hunt down the bad leader of another faction known as Jenine Mathews. Sophie




Livre Chloe5jaune
Livre4mauve  This book takes you into an organized world in which everything is the same. Jonas,who is the main character, lives with two people who were randomly put together known as his mother and his father, and his sister Lily. Jonas is a twelve, which means he is assigned a job, according to how he acted as a child. The headmaster assigns Jonas the job as the new Receiver, the biggest job of them all. He is transported all of the memories from the past from the Giver, in which he is the only person who holds them, and soon will belong to Jonas. Sophie

4rose  Livre Violet is new. Katie-Rose is weird. Yasaman is a computer genius. Milla has two moms. Find out what happens when these 4 girls get together and use their “flower power” for good!  Samantha


Livre  5vert  Find out how these girls tackle the snack attack and cope with their problems.   Samantha


Livre 5jaune It’s technically about Egyptian mythology, Sadie and Carter Kane have to save the world from set, the God of Chaos who is at the same time overcoming there own obstacles that set throws them.  Joshua

Chloe gave it 5vert too!


Livre 5étoiles The sequel to The Red Pyramid, (the series gets better). Sadie and Carter Kane have magicians trainees to help them make the rising of Ra the sun God but yet have to overcome Apophis the overall God of Chaos. With much going on, will they overcome Apophis or will they fail in the process? You will find out!  Joshua


Book  5jauneHaving made the The Kane Chronicles Riordan comes out about the inside scoop of the whole story and background of the The Kane Chronicles. Joshua


5orange  This book is amazing in so many ways. It compliments honesty with one-self, conflict, selflessness, and riveting battle scenes with perfectly planned plot twists! I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in those things listed above… Completely worth it!!!  Chloe



Livre5bleu Chloe


Livre5étoiles Chloe


Livre5bleu  Chloe


Livre  4roseThis book is about a boy named Bruno who is moving to a new house in which he doesn’t like. He meets a boy through a fence who wears striped Pajamas. Bruno wants to help him but instead goes into the camp in order to help and explore with him. Sophie
Livre 5bleuThe original story is a novel (written by the bestselling author James Patterson), but I read the comic book. I found it lying on a shelf at the library. Without really knowing what to expect, I started to read it. I was so captivated by the story that I finished the book in very little time! It’s full of action and adventure, mystery and science fiction, with a touch of romance and emotions, but the most interesting thing is that it NEVER gets boring! So tighten your seatbelts and join Daniel X, the alien hunter, on his epic quest to free Earth of its unfriendly invaders. Elsa
Livre  4mauveThis is the second book of the Daniel X serie. After reading both the first and the second comic book (because I’m reading the manga serie), I think the first one was better, but that does not mean that this one isn’t good! I just think that the first one was more interesting and captivating. In this one (the second one), the plot was a little confusing and hard to understand. If you’re not a science-fiction lover, I think this book is unfortunately not for you.Elsa



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