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This book tells the story about the main character named Tris who chooses the faction of Dauntless from her family faction of Abnegation. She wanted to take more risks like a Dauntless instead of always be calm and organized like an Abnegation. When she gets to the Dauntless camp for the first time, she meets a boy named Tobias, who helps her with her training as a Dauntless. Sophie
Livre   Chloe




4mauve Livre  Chloe




multi LivreMona



Livre multi Mona


Livre  multi Mona


5vert Livre  This is the third book of the Daniel X serie (still the manga version) and I really loved it! I think it might even be the best one so far! Or maybe I’m just impressed because I was a little disappointed with the second book… (personal opinion…) I really liked how the author mixed history with science-fiction and adventure with strong emotions (in the third book). It truly deserves its five stars! Elsa

4mauve LivreMona



Livre5bleu Mona



Livre5étoiles This is a wonderful book about friendship, family, teenage life and highschool. Everyone I know who read that book thought it was amazing, and so did I.
This is the story of Anya, a normal teenage girl, somehow stumbled into an abnormal situation. Caught in all her problems, Anya fell into an old well in the park. The well was very dark and completely empty, except for a skeleton… And a ghost. Elsa


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