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5vertLivre  Alexia


5orange  Virals is a book about a girl named Tori Brennan and her friends, who find that they’ve caught a canine virus while rescuing a wolfog pup from a top secret lab. Tori and her crew live on the isolated Morris island in South Carolina. After the death of her mother, she learns about a father she never knew. With their bodies immune to the parvovirus strain B19, they have canine senses tuned to perfection, and are suddenly solving the case of a murder that’s becomes a big deal. They are now a fantastic pack of Virals.  Chloe
Livre 5jauneI finished this book in a day as I could not put it down. The amount of suspense and mystery grads your attentions from the start. The number of unanswered questions and the secrets being kept keep you invested in the novel. How the answers are given and the way clues are found enhance the novel in a way I have never seen before. There was also the aspect of an unreliable narrator, who stats that she is keeping secrets from the reader. As a whole this was one of the best mystery books I have read.  Fatma

5jauneThis book is about a girl named Carley who is put into a foster home with the last-named of the Murphy’s. Carley doesn’t want to go to their house at first, but after staying there for a while, she discovers new lessons to help her through her life. Sophie


4bleusThis story is all about action and adventure. Luffy, a young boy, dreams of becoming the all mighty pirate king! But in order to reach his goal, he has to recruit a strong pirate crew. Don’t miss out on this classic manga series!  Elsa

Livre 4bleus At first this book was a bit slow, but after the first plot twist happened around 50 pages in it picked up and I couldn’t stop reading. Every scene and each page added to the story dramatically. there were only one or two parts that I found unnecessary and long. The main character was probably the most interesting part of the story, without his train of thought, his thinking process and his personality the book would have been bland. the plot alone wasn’t all that great. The best part of this novel however was the ending, the entire book is wroth reading just for the last few page, as it was one of the best endings I have read in a long time.  Fatma

multi2 I didn’t really enjoy this book, it felt long and there were many unnecessary parts. The entire book focuses on the main character trying to find his father Odysseus, and his journey. I found that the plot was bland, if you don’t know Odysseus story and other historical events, such as Greek mythology then you won’t be able to fully understand the novel. I felt like the author could have taken out a couple of unnecessary scenes and spent some time explaining the historical background of the book better. Fatma
Livremulti  The book is a collection of short stories that reveal around supernatural creatures such as vampire, werewolf and faeries. I enjoyed some of the story while others I found a bit bland. My favourite one would have to be the 3rd story in the collection “The boy who cried wolf”, while my least favourite would be the 2nd one “A reversal of fortune”. Fatma

Livre  5bleu  This book isn’t from this library but is a thrilling sequel to book number 1 of the Virals series. This time, Tory Brennan’s father at the LIRI; a research facility on a remote island in South Carolina, gives her the news that his doesn’t have the funding to keep running. After that, Tory and her friends hear of buried treasure hidden on their very own island. Pirate treasure means money, and that means staying with the pack, the Virals. But not just them are on the hunt, someone else is on their trail too.  Chloe
Livre5étoiles Alexia


Livre5bleu This book was such a great thriller! When Tori, Hiram, Shelton, and Ben discover a geocache buried on Loggerhead Island, it is an unusual twist to the normal caches. In it they find an old Japanese puzzle which leads to a series of clues. Also, a threat and a bomb. With the clock ticking, Tori and her pack chase down this geocacher with a mysterious nickname. The Gamemaster; follow the rules, play the game, no one gets hurt. Chloe
Paper towns / John Green.

4vertThis book was a reread for me, I felt like it was better this time and that I enjoyed it more. Because I knew what was going to happen I paid more attention to the small details, trying to fin and learn things that I missed the first time around. John green is one of my favourite authors and this was a greet book, highly recommended. Fatma
Livre 5jaune I enjoyed this book more than I did the first one. I found that the main characters was more relatable this time around and she had more emotions than the first novel. We also got answers to some of the questions from the first book. While continuing the mystery that start in the first novel, there was also a new mystery that was fresh and interesting. This series has yet to disappoint, excited for the next book. Fatma
Livremulti I found myself enjoying this book more than I expected. The original series is over this novel is more of an epilogue that takes place 20 years later, because of this I was confused as to how the plot would work out. But I found myself enjoying it. I liked seeing how the old characters grew up and seeing them in a different light and point of view was nice as well. The main character was, like in the original series, in my opinion extremely annoying it was the downfall of the novel, she wasn’t as bad as the main character in the first 3 books, but she was a close second.  Fatma






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