Book Critics by Volunteens


5bleu Book Binge – Tyler Oakley

Binge is a memoir of Tyler, who is an internet youtuber with millions of subscribers on his channel. Since this book is a memoir, he shares tips of how he managed the struggles he went through with his friends, family and specially his sexuality. I loved how every single chapter of the book is a complete different story where he looks back to his life. This is a must read inspirational hilarious book fulfilled with a bunch of his shenanigans. Keita

5vert  A work in progress – Connor Franta

A work in progress is one of my favorite books. It is a memoir of the life of the author and it couldn’t be more inspirational. He writes about all of the struggles he went threw his life and the book is full of amazing photography. It left me with a thousands of statements but one in general: Your life is yours to live.Keita

If i stay –Livre Gayle Forman


The beginning is pretty graphic and a bit slow but it is so very well described and I give full credit to the author for that. This book felt like a roller coaster of emotions and made me feel like it’s my lifeline story when it’s actually not. This books makes you realize the important things in life such as family, friends and love. I can’t wait to read the sequel. I recommend to anyone who enjoyed the fault in our stars. Keita


The Golden compass –  Philip Pullman


This book begins a trilogy of fantasy that can be enjoyed by youth and adults. The golden compass was fulfilled with dark mysteries with interesting plot twists. Some parts seemed to drag on a little bit. The movie is nothing compared to the book. The book is full of elements that the movie barely covered and the characters in the book are so very well describe you tend to be able to relate to them. This book shouldn’t be compared to the movie since the trilogy itself is amazing and the author Pullman really brought something new to the table. Keita


LivreThe Subtle Knife – Philip Pullman


This is the second book from the trilogy, following the golden compass. Finishing this book, I can’t wait to start the final book of this trilogy. It is one of the only book which contains a unique form of rich fantasy which can be enjoyed by teenagers as well as adults. There was some sadness at the last chapter and I sure was not prepared. In my opinion, you need to take time to understand everything that is going on in the story. Reading some analysis of each chapter helped me understanding what the author wants us to understand from it. Keita

The Fault in our Stars – John GreenThe fault in our stars / John Green.


At first I thought this book would be an iconic cancer hospitalized journey story but I was completely wrong and I take that back. It did have some sad moments, sad enough to make me cry although the happy moments would set my mood back to track! Each chapter of this book was full of ups and downs and to me, that what made this book outstanding. Get your tissues ready for a surprise ending! Keita

Confessions of a shopaholic / Sophie Kinsella.Confessions of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella


After starting the read of this book I couldn’t put it down. It had me in fits of laughter at times and it is cleverly hilarious! The movie was as good but the book had made every character much more detailed and precise and that’s what made the book a must read! After this easy read, I have to admit the author Sophie Kinsella is a goddess! Keita


Stranger with my face – Lois DuncanProduct Details

4 étoiles

This book was proposed by my teacher and I couldn’t be more satisfied reading this! It is full of suspense and it is completely unpredictable. It is enriched  of unexplained mysteries and it left a chilling effect on me. The author made this story sometime i’ve never seen before and it was a complete new experience of mysteries and whatnot. It kept me on the edge of my chair until the very end. Keita






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