Discover Adrian Lacasette Smith’s darkest secrets!


Name: Adrian Lacasette Smith

A.K.A.: The Street King

Age: 29

Occupation: Dance professional and choreographer

Where does he live: At the Hotel California, Los Angeles, USA.

Who are his parents?  Jackie Chen and Bond, John Bond

Languages spoken: English

Describe his voice and accent? English accent and soft voice.

Favorite food? Chef Boyardi’s rice and chicken

His appearance : Literally always smiling. He just can’t look sad.

Height: An average guy.

Body type: Real slim and fit, almost a gym lad.

Demeanor: He is the most swift person there is, more than Taylor Swift!

The way he walks: He walks in such a proud manor that he can pass as a president.

Intellectual qualities: He has the intelligence of a scholar but definitely no Einstein.

Morales qualities: Adrian is generous, honest, amiable, persistent and very determined.

Intellectual flaws: Terrible in maths and can’t read for more than 1 minute straight.

Moral flaws: Way too curious for his own good and he can have an attitude from time to time.

Who are his best friends? He doesn’t have any. He’s lone wolf. Lives solo!

Special powers: He can see any electromagnetic wave lengths and hear any frequency sounds.

Combat skills: Taekwondo black belt.

Weapons : Arsenal of military arms.

Enemies or afraid of: Afraid of cats, spiders and ducks.

Clothing Style: Very fancy and elegant, if not, loose and comfortable.

Fetish accessories/secrets : He keeps the fact that he is afraid of ducks. Nobody can know of that, if not, his life is over!

Favorite Sports : Croquet, eSports, Lacrosse, Duck Hunting (helps him with his fear) Baseball, Ping pong and shuffleboard.

Favorite Books : Customer Service for Dummies, Customer Experience for Dummies, Salesforce Service Cloud for Dummies and E-mail Marketing for Dummies.

Favorite Movies : Toy Story 2 and 3 , Les misérables, Planet Earth and Africa.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: Pop music, 90’s music, jazz and disco.

Favorite Video Games: Destiny, Call of duty, FIFA 14.

Favorite Board Games: Monopoly, Cheese Please, Memo Master.


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