Book Critics by Teen Volunteers


Livre2stars  The Chocolate War is set in a middle-class private high school (Trinity)run by Catholic brothers in the 1970’s. The point of view is from a third person omniscient narrator who skips from character to character, revealing a number of characters’ thoughts and actions. Jerry Renault, a freshman at Trinity High School, has a confrontation with the school gang, The Vigils. The Vigils, headed by Archie Costello, specialize in making assignments that other students have to complete. These assignments vary, depending on the person, and intend to inflict as much psychological injury as possible. Jerry gets called to carry out an assignment and he is to refuse selling chocolates at the annual school chocolate sale. This is the story about all the downfalls that come from refusing to sell chocolates. Éric

5jaune  When 16-year-old Travis Coates was diagnosed with terminal leukemia, he agreed to an innovative medical procedure. His head was severed from his diseased body and was cryogenically preserved until science was far enough advanced to cure his illness. Surprisingly, thanks to unprecedented medical advances, he wakes up 5 years later and discovers that doctors have sewn his preserved head onto the body of a teenager, Benjamin Pratt, who died of brain cancer but whose body was otherwise healthy and athletic. Travis is one of only two patients successfully brought back to life. Although in years Travis is technically 21, in his head, he is still 16. For Travis, it is as though he closed his eyes for only a brief moment and awakened to restart where he left off. Everyone he “knew” has however moved on. Best friend Kyle is now in college. His “girlfriend” Cate is engaged to be married. This books relates Travis’ journey to find himself Éric

5bleu  Enzo, a dog, is the narrator of this story. The story is told through his eyes and his Livreunderstanding of the world. He explains his frustration at only being able to communicate through body language. Enzo has always felt almost human and he knows that there is something different about him. His soul is human. In the book, Enzo reminisces about his life with Denny Swift, his master, who adopted him from a farmer in Spangle, East Washington when he was a puppy. Since Denny is a race car driver, Enzo often relates events that occur in his life to race car driving as Denny and he often watch automobile racing videos. For the first year of his life, Enzo lives alone with Denny. Denny’s girlfriend, Eve, then enters their life. One year later Zoe enters their life (baby daughter). Many heartaches happen (Eve’s brain tumor and death). Denny’s money problems. Court case for Zoe’s custody. Through it all, Enzo follows Denny in his car races and learns the art of racing in the rain. Eventually, Enzo gets old and remembers the documentary on Mongolian dogs. He is ready to release his soul to run until he is ready to be reborn as a man, which he does…Éric


2stars  The story Tiger by the tail is a tale of a girl named Sarah learning to stand up for herself. When Sarah’s dad leaves the family, her mother decides to move Sarah and her younger brother, Nicholas, halfway across the country. Sarah must take on what seems like parenting responsibilities as her mother appears to have given up on that role and spends all her time at work, as a lawyer. The story Tiger by the tail begins when Nicolas and Sarah try to find a short-cut to their farm because a Tornado is coming. They end up taking refuge in their neighbor’s barn to get out of the rain. There they meet Mr. McCurdy, a retired circus animal caretaker who lives with 4 exotic animals: A parrot named Polly, a cheetah named Laura, a chimpanzee named Calvin, a Burmese python named Brent, and a tiger named Buddha. Sarah and Nicholas want to help Mr. McCurdy feed and care for his animals and they quickly become “friends”. A group of teenagers however cause problems by cutting the chain around Buddha’s enclosure to let him escape. When Buddha escapes, Mr. McCurdy, Nicholas, and Sarah rescue him from his hiding place without realizing that saving a tiger would be a major news story. When their mother sees the story on the front page of the newspaper, she is very upset and disappointed in Sarah for acting so “irresponsibly”. She decides to help the Mayor in his lawsuit to force Mr. McCurdy to get rid of his animals. Sarah is also very upset and feels that her mother has made a mess of everything. She dragged the family across the country, stopped acting like a mom, and spends most of her time at work. Éric


Overall, I thought Shift was a good book. Even if it wasn’t the classic murder mystery, it kept the suspense and the element of surprise. Although it was predictable, I would still recommend this book to a friend! It was very hard for me to put it down after starting it…Christine


Livre4bleus  This book is a nice introduction to an amazing series. I enjoyed the action and the comedy. Not only was it great, but I also learned some Greek mythology facts! This book is a dangerous weapon…that is, if you want to get someone hooked onto it! Christine



The perks of being a wallflower / Stephen Chbosky.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

4rose  This book touches rather mature subjects, so I wouldn’t recommend it to a younger audience. However, I thought that it was very interesting how the author wrote it as if it were a journal. It really let me understand what was going on in the teenagers head. Christine







Livre5étoilesThis book was so touching! I’ll admit it, it was definitely one of my favorites and I shed a couple (okay, a hundred) tears. It really made me appreciate teachers who were always there for me. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone I meet. Christine


5vert  This collection of short stories touched several themes in society, such as racism and appearance. The author showed us what was going on in those people’s minds. The last story was the longest, and it was about what it would be like in North Korea, which I found very interesting. Christine


Cinder / written by Marissa Meyer.multi

This book is part of a series of futuristic fairy tales. Cinder is basically the sci-fi version of Cinderella. I really enjoyed the plot and the characters, they went well together. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. Christine
Book4bleus   This classic is about the difficult life of two friends in the 1920s. However, it does contain vulgar language, so I wouldn’t recommend it to younger people. I enjoyed the deepness and the characters of the book; it made me aware of the underdogs in society. Christine


Livre5bleuThis “brick” is REALLY not recommended for our younger audience. Just please don’t open that book. I really enjoyed the plot twists and the plot itself, it makes the book very addicting. The characters are also interesting, as they each have their own goals and mentality. Christine





This book is amazing! 4roseLivre

I’m sure many of you have seen the movie, but have you read the book? John Green is an awesome writer who certainly knows how to play with our feelings. I have already recommended this book to at least ten people!  Christine








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