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Worlds of Ink and Shadow

This work reimagines the lives of  the Brontë siblings with the conceit that Verdopolis and  the other worlds they created in their real-life juvenilia were not just words  on the page but actual places into which they could cross over and  interact. Escape into these vibrant, magical lands is a refuge from their dismal, hopeless lives. With no mother, a distracted father, and  their two older sisters dead from disease, Anne, Emily, and  Charlotte are all destined to be governesses while Branwell struggles to train as a painter. But their magical adventures inevitably come at a price, and  when they lose control of  their characters, they first vow to stop crossing over, then realize they may have to find a way to destroy their worlds completely. This sad but fascinating look into the tragically short lives of  the famed siblings successfully mixes facts with a fantastical premise to create a gripping and  innovative story. VERDICT A strong historical fantasy that will appeal to readers who are already fans of  the Brontës’ novels and  spark interest among those unfamiliar with their works and  lives.—Eliza Langhans, Hatfield Public Library, MA –(School Library Journal, vol 61, issue 11, p106)


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