Avatar of the week: Pikachu!!



Name: Ditto Pikachu.

A.K.A.: Caped Baldy.

Age: Lvl 100.

Occupation: Being a mouse.

Where does he live: In tall grass.

Who are his parents?  Pikachu, Ditto.

Languages spoken: Pika.

Voice? Pika!Pika!

Favorite food? Poke-food and citrus berries.

His appearance: Poker face.

Height: Short.

Body type: Slim and bald.

Impression: No impression.

The way he walks: Normally.

Intellectual quality: Wise.

Morales quality: Loyal

Intellectual flaw: Weak.

Moral flaw: Hateful.

Who are his best friends? Ash Ketchup.

Special powers: Swagger, Lvl reset

Combat skills: Tackle and thunderbolt.

Weapons: Tail, bandage, teeth.

Enemies or afraid of: The ground.

Clothing Style: Naked.

Fetish accessories/secrets: Bandage.

Favorite Sports: Staying in his Poke-ball.

Favorite Books: Pokemon Adventures by Hidenori Kusaka and Mickey Mouse and the World to Come by Casty.

Favorite Movies: Pokemon. Jirachi, Wish Maker and Smurf 2.

Favorite Music/Group/Singer : Kanye West.

Favorite Video Games : Mario Kart and all Pokemon Games.

Favorite Board Games: Mouse Trap and Monopoly Junior.


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