Avatar of the Week: Jennifer Oldman Stevenson

Miss Death-Ali&David

Name: Jennifer Oldman Stevensen

A.K.A.: The girl with the grey hair.

Age: 74 years old.

Occupation: She is a waitress.

Where does she live? She lives in San Francisco in a mansion.

Who are her parents?  Her parents died in 1959 in a car accident.

Languages spoken: She speaks English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Voice: She has a very soft voice, but her cry is louder than a dog’s bark.

Favorite food? Her favorite food is cheese pizza, however, she also likes noodles.

Her appearance: Usually, she is very happy and always has a smile on her face. However, if she is sad, she can cry for hours non-stop.

Height: She is about 6’2’’ which is about 188cm.

Body type: In addition to her height, she is quite slim even though she eats more than an elephant.

Impression: She is swift and supple. She is ugly on the outside, but beautiful on the inside.

The way she walks: Because she has knee problems, she can’t walk straight.

Intellectual qualities: She is intelligent, nice, confident, consistent and enthusiastic.

Morales qualities: She is loyal and ambitious. Thanks to her honesty, she has many friends. She gives money to the poor, so she is generous.

Intellectual flaws: She is uneducated, but she is intelligent. She was self-taught, because her parents died when she was young. She also can’t read.

Moral flaws: When she is mad, she is impolite and arrogant. Other than that, she is a little curious.

Who are her best friends? Her best friends are Caillou, Betty White, Leonardo DiCaprio and Dora the Explorer.

Special powers: She can fly and she walks faster than Usain Bolt runs. She can eat 10kg of Smarties in 2 minutes. She can also literally cry a river.

Combat skills: She has missiles attached to her arms. She can also shoot bullets from her eyes. When she is mad, fire comes out of her mouth.

Weapons: She rarely uses automatic rifles or handguns because she doesn’t want to kill people. She mostly uses her fists when it comes to fighting.

Enemies or afraid of: She is afraid of spiders and mice. Her enemies are: Spiderman, Batman and Superman.

Clothing Style: She always wears pants. Most of the time, it’s simple jeans and a t-shirt to it. She doesn’t really care about her looks.

Secret: She killed her parents.

Fetish accessories: Wherever she goes, Jennifer always wears a tight belt because she wears oversized pants. Also, she always has a purse that matches her dress.

Favorite Sports: Her favorite sport is hockey. Everyone in her family used to play it. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved the sport. She also plays tennis sometimes.

Favorite Books : Her favorite books are all of Agatha Christies’ crime novels such as Murder is easy, The cat among the pigeons, The A.B.C. of murders, etc. She also likes French books such as Le cadaver dans la rolls or Le dernier coyote written by Micheal Conelly.

Favorite Movies : Her favorite movies are the Lion King, Madagascar and of course the Star Wars franchise. Other than that, she also likes the James Bond movies.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers : Her two favorite groups are The Beatle and Backstreet Boys. When she is sad, she likes to listen to classical music.

Favorite Video Games: She likes to play first person shooter games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. She also enjoys playing EA sports games such as FIFA or NHL.

Favorite Board Games: Monopoly and Chess.


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