Meet: Naruto! Avatar of Action Shonen!

Narruto-David &Jake

Name: Naruto

A.K.A.: Zikavox

Age: 25

Occupation: Fighting

Where does he live: The Leaf Village

Who are his parents? Unknown

Languages spoken: English

Voice: Childish

Favorite food: Ramen

His appearance : Smiling and happy

Height: Short

Body: Muscular

Impression: Gracious

The way he walks: Proudly, overconfident

Intellectual qualities: Courage and perseverance

Morales qualities: Loyal and autonomous

Intellectual flaws: Immature and ignorant

Moral flaws: Impolite

Who are his best friends? Picachu and Sasuke

Special powers: Naruto possesses an unique super power.

Combat skills : He goes straight forward. He wants to win fast.

Weapons : Shurikens

Enemies or afraid of: Afraid of nothing. He fights to protect his village and others.

Clothing Style: Combat cloths

Fetish accessories/secrets : Blue headband

Favorite Sports : Soccer and ping-pong

Favorite Books : He doesn’t like to read but his favorite book of all time is Bleach by Tite Kubo.

Favorite Movies : The Dark Knight Rises,The Godfather, The Incredibles

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers : Ed Sheeran, The Beatles

Favorite Video Games : Call of Duty on PS3, Destiny on Xbox 360 and Street Fighter IV on PS3.

Favorite Board Games: Monopoly and Battleships


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