Meet Florencia Butterscotch: But are we seeing the real Flower?

lezardgirl-Name: Florencia Butterscotch

A.K.A.: Flower

Age: 22

Occupation: Spy (not a bad guy).

Where does she live? In an apartment.

Who are her parents?  A wealthy businessman and a former agent as a mom.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and English.

Voice? Australian accent; loud and manipulating voice.

Favorite food? Anything.

Her appearance: Cold and heartless appearance.

Height: Tall.

Body type: Slim and muscular.

Impression: Swift.

The way she walks: Swiftly and silently.

Intellectual qualities: Sharp, intelligent, curious, observant and clever.

Morales qualities: Good person, wants to help her country, good guy, generous and loyal.

Intellectual flaws: Has trouble talking to people comes off as rude occasionally.

Moral flaws: Emotionless, impolite.

Who are his best friends? Natasha and Clint.

Special powers: She is extremely observant and can deduce very quickly.

Combat skills: Trained in all martial arts, master of disguise.

Weapons : Dagger, hidden in her boot, watch with many secret devices.

Enemies or afraid of: The Red Vilain, she is afraid of spiders and bugs in general.

Clothing Style: Combat/street style.

Fetish accessories/secrets: She doesn’t’ get along very well with her parents. She likes bracelets.

Favorite Sports: Running, obstacle courses, wrestling.

Favorite Books: Percy Jackson, Sherlock Holmes, The Crime of the Orient Express.

Favorite Movies: Marvel Movies, Harry Potter, Batman Movies.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: Eminem, Macklemore, Pink.

Favorite Video Games: She doesn’t like video games.

Favorite Board Games: Game of Life, Monopoly and Sorry.


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