Avatar of the week: Stay out of his cave!


Name: Jack Pot Mato Rnado Llorama

A.K.A.: Potty Nose

Age: 389

Occupation: He is a knight and work for the Bat King.

Where does he live? He lives in the caves of Aggtelek Karst and Stouak Karst.

Who are his parents? His parents are a squirrel (dad) and a yeti (mom). They abandoned him in a cave.

Languages spoken: Sasquatchian, English

Voice: He has a very rough voice and he has a British accent.

Favorite food? Fried pigeon wigs, centipede legs ramen.

His appearance: He often looks very dory because of his eyes hat are looking at his nose, but it helps him concentrate.

Height: Medium

Body type: He has a lot of muscles and a good build because he needs to fight off monsters in his cave to protect the king.

Impression: People think that he is savage, but he is not.

The way he walks: He walks proudly when he guards his cave.

Intellectual qualities: He is experimented and wise thanks to all his years of living.

Morales qualities: He is very loyal to the Bat King. He is also very brave, calm and generous.

Intellectual flaws: He never went to school because he never left his cave, but he knows how to read a bit.

Moral flaws: He is very anti-social and shy and rarely talks to anyone except for the king.

Who are his best friends? He has no friend because he never talks to anyone.

Special powers: Making his eyes glow. He was born with sunglasses but since he now lives in a cave, his eyes glow, enabling him to see clearly in the dark. That’s why we can see his eyes through the sunglasses.

Combat skills: He is very strong. He usually punches or uses his sword to slice intruders in half.

Weapons: A sword that the Bat King gave him. It’s made out of precious and rare minerals. He got it on his 100th birthday.

Enemies or afraid of: He is scared of nothing and no one except for that one random mouse that once hid in his beard and scared the hell out of him.

Clothing Style: He wears wooden armor, a knight helmet with a red feather and a cape made out of bat fur.

Fetish accessories/secrets: His beard. It is actually fake and made out of his dad’s tail that he shaved off while his dad was sleeping.

Favorite Sports: He has never played any sports. However, he would probably not like any team sports.

Favorite Books: He has only read 3 books in his life. They are hard to find in the cave and he reads very slowly. The books are: The outsiders, Harry Potter and an ancient book whose name is unknown.

Favorite Movies: He never watched any movies but thinks about the books he read what they would look like if they were made into movies.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: Himself.

Favorite Video Games: He doesn’t even know what video games are. But, I would imagine that he would like playing games like Plants Vs Zombies.

Favorite Board Games: Chess: the board is the ground and the pieces are made out of rocks.


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