Lucy: Possibly the Worst Evil Lurking, but She Knows her Classics…



Name: Lucy

A.K.A.: Killer

Age: 873

Occupation: “You kill yourself or I will kill you”.

Where does she live: She lives in an old castle.

Who are her parents? A zombie and a wizard.

Languages spoken: She can speak all the languages in the world and can even speak zombie language.

Voice: Soft but a little strange.

Favorite food? People’s brain and other strange food such as frogs and so on.

Her appearance: Cold and sad.

Height: She is in the normal peoples’ height.

Body type: Slim.

Impression: Strong and cold.

The way she walks: Proudly.

Intellectual qualities: Intelligent not very knowledgeable.

Morales qualities: Polite.

Intellectual flaws: Very greedy, evil sometimes.

Moral flaws: Curious and greedy.

Who are his best friends? She doesn’t have any friends because she lives in a desolated area.

Special powers: She has a strange ring on her third finger that can trigger magic.

Combat skills: Good at drawing and making special things.

Weapons: The ring and a jewel: the ring to kill other people and the jewel to protect her.

Enemies or afraid of: Her enemies are legion and she is afraid of lightning in the sky.

Clothing Style: The formal dress and hat of wizards.

Secrets : She usually sold her drawings with other drawer’s name and get the money. Most of famous paintings such as Mona Lisa are from her.

Favorite Sports : Boxing, tennis and soccer. Nobody can beat her in the boxing game because she has her special jewel to protect her.

Favorite Books : The outsiders by Hinton, 1984 by Orwell, Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, Stargirl by Spinelli, The Pigman by Zindel and Greek Myths and Mythology.

Favorite Movies: Thor, Alien

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: The Ink Spots, Justin Bieber.

Favorite Video Games: Motion eSports

Favorite Board Games: Power Grid


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