Series Review: Court of Fives


I honestly don’t know how I feel about this series.

The first chapter of book one was hard to get into, although once I got in, it flowed well enough.  The plot is your typical YA structure; impossible situation, romantic interest out of reach, perseverance…blah blah blah… different names, slightly different context, but ultimately the same story.  It was the world that actually caught me.  It was just so INTERESTING!  Enough to propel the story along and haul me with it.

Book two again held me with the world and some genuinely surprising plot twists, although I did find at times the writing was clunky and I had a hard time following along.  I guess it seemed like there were paragraphs or pages missing so when I read a line I would stop and go “Wait, what!?” and have to re-read to figure out what I was missing.  Sometimes I didn’t find it.

All that being said, I think it is worth the read to figure out for yourself if you love it or not.  I am of two minds and so give the quality 3 stars while the world gets 4.5 stars.


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