Likeable Character

“It’s a book that explains what it’s like having a peanut allergy, and learning how to be in high school. It understands me and my peanut allergy.” ~ Chiara B., 12

“I love all the word nerdiness in this book, the character I would really like to be friends with, and the Scrabble.  This was a fun, light read, and I cannot wait to read more from Susin Nielsen!” ~ Radha-Prema, Teen Librarian


A great way to start understanding

“I really am intrigued and after reading the whole book want to read a part 2! It is straight forward when it comes to the things some people are uncomfortable about, when you hear about transgenders. But it is a great way to start understanding better the reasons and feelings behind a transgender individual. I would give this book to ages 12 and up just because some of the stuff said can be kind of scary when it comes to facts of how people feel. They also talk about Bipolar disorder and explains it very well. I love the way Donna did the chapters! Very well explained and written!” ~ Lauren N., 12