Lucy: Possibly the Worst Evil Lurking, but She Knows her Classics…



Name: Lucy

A.K.A.: Killer

Age: 873

Occupation: “You kill yourself or I will kill you”.

Where does she live: She lives in an old castle.

Who are her parents? A zombie and a wizard.

Languages spoken: She can speak all the languages in the world and can even speak zombie language.

Voice: Soft but a little strange.

Favorite food? People’s brain and other strange food such as frogs and so on.

Her appearance: Cold and sad.

Height: She is in the normal peoples’ height.

Body type: Slim.

Impression: Strong and cold.

The way she walks: Proudly.

Intellectual qualities: Intelligent not very knowledgeable.

Morales qualities: Polite.

Intellectual flaws: Very greedy, evil sometimes.

Moral flaws: Curious and greedy.

Who are his best friends? She doesn’t have any friends because she lives in a desolated area.

Special powers: She has a strange ring on her third finger that can trigger magic.

Combat skills: Good at drawing and making special things.

Weapons: The ring and a jewel: the ring to kill other people and the jewel to protect her.

Enemies or afraid of: Her enemies are legion and she is afraid of lightning in the sky.

Clothing Style: The formal dress and hat of wizards.

Secrets : She usually sold her drawings with other drawer’s name and get the money. Most of famous paintings such as Mona Lisa are from her.

Favorite Sports : Boxing, tennis and soccer. Nobody can beat her in the boxing game because she has her special jewel to protect her.

Favorite Books : The outsiders by Hinton, 1984 by Orwell, Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, Stargirl by Spinelli, The Pigman by Zindel and Greek Myths and Mythology.

Favorite Movies: Thor, Alien

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: The Ink Spots, Justin Bieber.

Favorite Video Games: Motion eSports

Favorite Board Games: Power Grid


Avatar: Should we be afraid of DàPào?



Name: DàPào.

A.K.A.: Big Gun.

Age: 61.

Occupation: Leader of gangster.

Where does he live? At the Pointe-Claire Library.

Who are his parents? : He is an orphan.

Languages spoken: Cantonese and Sichuanese.

Voice: Sounds like tire.

Favorite food? Dog.

His appearance: Exciting.

Height: 2 meters.

Impression: Gangster.

The way he walks: Like a penguin.

Intellectual qualities: Intelligent.

Morales qualities: Loyal, honest.

Intellectual flaws: Illiterate.

Moral flaws: Arrogant.

Who are his best friends? Zuzu.

Special powers: Fly.

Combat skills: Alpha Strike.

Weapons: Gucci flap-flop.

Enemies or afraid of: Gasser Khalifa. (Note from Librarian: Hey DP!, You should probably study more for your French classes!)

Clothing Style: Swag.

Fetish accessories/secrets: Gold chain, sunglasses, cigarette.

Favorite Sports: Gaming, soccer, football.

Favorite Books: The handmaid’s tale.

Favorite Movies: Frozen.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: Eminem, A$AP, Jay-Z.

Favorite Video Games: League of legend.

Favorite Board Games: Chinese Poker.



Avatar of the week: Stay out of his cave!


Name: Jack Pot Mato Rnado Llorama

A.K.A.: Potty Nose

Age: 389

Occupation: He is a knight and work for the Bat King.

Where does he live? He lives in the caves of Aggtelek Karst and Stouak Karst.

Who are his parents? His parents are a squirrel (dad) and a yeti (mom). They abandoned him in a cave.

Languages spoken: Sasquatchian, English

Voice: He has a very rough voice and he has a British accent.

Favorite food? Fried pigeon wigs, centipede legs ramen.

His appearance: He often looks very dory because of his eyes hat are looking at his nose, but it helps him concentrate.

Height: Medium

Body type: He has a lot of muscles and a good build because he needs to fight off monsters in his cave to protect the king.

Impression: People think that he is savage, but he is not.

The way he walks: He walks proudly when he guards his cave.

Intellectual qualities: He is experimented and wise thanks to all his years of living.

Morales qualities: He is very loyal to the Bat King. He is also very brave, calm and generous.

Intellectual flaws: He never went to school because he never left his cave, but he knows how to read a bit.

Moral flaws: He is very anti-social and shy and rarely talks to anyone except for the king.

Who are his best friends? He has no friend because he never talks to anyone.

Special powers: Making his eyes glow. He was born with sunglasses but since he now lives in a cave, his eyes glow, enabling him to see clearly in the dark. That’s why we can see his eyes through the sunglasses.

Combat skills: He is very strong. He usually punches or uses his sword to slice intruders in half.

Weapons: A sword that the Bat King gave him. It’s made out of precious and rare minerals. He got it on his 100th birthday.

Enemies or afraid of: He is scared of nothing and no one except for that one random mouse that once hid in his beard and scared the hell out of him.

Clothing Style: He wears wooden armor, a knight helmet with a red feather and a cape made out of bat fur.

Fetish accessories/secrets: His beard. It is actually fake and made out of his dad’s tail that he shaved off while his dad was sleeping.

Favorite Sports: He has never played any sports. However, he would probably not like any team sports.

Favorite Books: He has only read 3 books in his life. They are hard to find in the cave and he reads very slowly. The books are: The outsiders, Harry Potter and an ancient book whose name is unknown.

Favorite Movies: He never watched any movies but thinks about the books he read what they would look like if they were made into movies.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: Himself.

Favorite Video Games: He doesn’t even know what video games are. But, I would imagine that he would like playing games like Plants Vs Zombies.

Favorite Board Games: Chess: the board is the ground and the pieces are made out of rocks.

Meet Florencia Butterscotch: But are we seeing the real Flower?

lezardgirl-Name: Florencia Butterscotch

A.K.A.: Flower

Age: 22

Occupation: Spy (not a bad guy).

Where does she live? In an apartment.

Who are her parents?  A wealthy businessman and a former agent as a mom.

Languages spoken: Italian, French and English.

Voice? Australian accent; loud and manipulating voice.

Favorite food? Anything.

Her appearance: Cold and heartless appearance.

Height: Tall.

Body type: Slim and muscular.

Impression: Swift.

The way she walks: Swiftly and silently.

Intellectual qualities: Sharp, intelligent, curious, observant and clever.

Morales qualities: Good person, wants to help her country, good guy, generous and loyal.

Intellectual flaws: Has trouble talking to people comes off as rude occasionally.

Moral flaws: Emotionless, impolite.

Who are his best friends? Natasha and Clint.

Special powers: She is extremely observant and can deduce very quickly.

Combat skills: Trained in all martial arts, master of disguise.

Weapons : Dagger, hidden in her boot, watch with many secret devices.

Enemies or afraid of: The Red Vilain, she is afraid of spiders and bugs in general.

Clothing Style: Combat/street style.

Fetish accessories/secrets: She doesn’t’ get along very well with her parents. She likes bracelets.

Favorite Sports: Running, obstacle courses, wrestling.

Favorite Books: Percy Jackson, Sherlock Holmes, The Crime of the Orient Express.

Favorite Movies: Marvel Movies, Harry Potter, Batman Movies.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers: Eminem, Macklemore, Pink.

Favorite Video Games: She doesn’t like video games.

Favorite Board Games: Game of Life, Monopoly and Sorry.

Meet: Mitsuba-San, the He-She devious, farting, bloodthirsty fan of Kpop!


Name: Mitsuba-San

A.K.A.: Lily Pichu

Age: 45

Occupation: Drink Blood  coeur

Where does he live: He lives down in hell, engulfed in fire.

Who are his parents? His parents are Keyori and Jaynee WarTaken.

Languages spoken: She speaks English and Japanese.coeur

Voice: He speaks very loudly, has a very high pitched voice and an Arab accent.

Favorite food? He loves traditional Japanese food and fast-food.

His appearance: He is really cold and is very distant with others even though, everybody likes him.coeur

Height: He’s two meter high.

Body type: He has very fat arms, but a very slim body.

Impression: The opposite of gracious.

The way he walks: He wobbles around. When he runs his hair moves graciously with the wind.coeur

Intellectual qualities: Even though, he has a very ugly face, his intelligence surpasses by far the average.

Morales qualities: He is very ambitious and patient, waiting for a better future where her eyes won’t be green anymore.

Intellectual flaws: He is completely impolite; he’s also very weak and screams all the time.

Moral flaws: He’s very arrogant, because he’s so intelligent.

Who are his best friends? He has no friend because he’s kind of an antisocial.

Special powers: With the power of his farts, he can hover over cities.

Combat skills : He has three different basic abilities: stunning light, light shield and light bomb.

Weapons : Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Titanic Hydra, Thornmail, Youmu’s Ghostblade and finally, Stinger.

Enemies or afraid of: Poro and Faker form TSM.

Clothing Style: Really not well dressed, her fashion is very outdated.

Fetish accessories/secrets : Mana pots and a machete ( because it helps him calm down).

Favorite Sports : Esports and volleyball. Esports because he loves video games and volleyball because he was always amazed by that sport even though it’s really hard to play.

Favorite Books : The Charter of Rights and Freedom, 30+ Years of Decicsions that Shaped Canadian Life, Lords of the Stones.

Favorite Movies : Cosmos; A Space Time Odyssey.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers : He is the biggest fan of EXO and he likes all Jpop and Kpop singers.

Favorite Video Games : Final Fantasy XIII-2, Blazblue: Chromophantasma

Favorite Board Games: Memo Master, Monopoly Junior and Pig Trotter.


Meet: Naruto! Avatar of Action Shonen!

Narruto-David &Jake

Name: Naruto

A.K.A.: Zikavox

Age: 25

Occupation: Fighting

Where does he live: The Leaf Village

Who are his parents? Unknown

Languages spoken: English

Voice: Childish

Favorite food: Ramen

His appearance : Smiling and happy

Height: Short

Body: Muscular

Impression: Gracious

The way he walks: Proudly, overconfident

Intellectual qualities: Courage and perseverance

Morales qualities: Loyal and autonomous

Intellectual flaws: Immature and ignorant

Moral flaws: Impolite

Who are his best friends? Picachu and Sasuke

Special powers: Naruto possesses an unique super power.

Combat skills : He goes straight forward. He wants to win fast.

Weapons : Shurikens

Enemies or afraid of: Afraid of nothing. He fights to protect his village and others.

Clothing Style: Combat cloths

Fetish accessories/secrets : Blue headband

Favorite Sports : Soccer and ping-pong

Favorite Books : He doesn’t like to read but his favorite book of all time is Bleach by Tite Kubo.

Favorite Movies : The Dark Knight Rises,The Godfather, The Incredibles

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers : Ed Sheeran, The Beatles

Favorite Video Games : Call of Duty on PS3, Destiny on Xbox 360 and Street Fighter IV on PS3.

Favorite Board Games: Monopoly and Battleships

Avatar of the Week: Jennifer Oldman Stevenson

Miss Death-Ali&David

Name: Jennifer Oldman Stevensen

A.K.A.: The girl with the grey hair.

Age: 74 years old.

Occupation: She is a waitress.

Where does she live? She lives in San Francisco in a mansion.

Who are her parents?  Her parents died in 1959 in a car accident.

Languages spoken: She speaks English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Voice: She has a very soft voice, but her cry is louder than a dog’s bark.

Favorite food? Her favorite food is cheese pizza, however, she also likes noodles.

Her appearance: Usually, she is very happy and always has a smile on her face. However, if she is sad, she can cry for hours non-stop.

Height: She is about 6’2’’ which is about 188cm.

Body type: In addition to her height, she is quite slim even though she eats more than an elephant.

Impression: She is swift and supple. She is ugly on the outside, but beautiful on the inside.

The way she walks: Because she has knee problems, she can’t walk straight.

Intellectual qualities: She is intelligent, nice, confident, consistent and enthusiastic.

Morales qualities: She is loyal and ambitious. Thanks to her honesty, she has many friends. She gives money to the poor, so she is generous.

Intellectual flaws: She is uneducated, but she is intelligent. She was self-taught, because her parents died when she was young. She also can’t read.

Moral flaws: When she is mad, she is impolite and arrogant. Other than that, she is a little curious.

Who are her best friends? Her best friends are Caillou, Betty White, Leonardo DiCaprio and Dora the Explorer.

Special powers: She can fly and she walks faster than Usain Bolt runs. She can eat 10kg of Smarties in 2 minutes. She can also literally cry a river.

Combat skills: She has missiles attached to her arms. She can also shoot bullets from her eyes. When she is mad, fire comes out of her mouth.

Weapons: She rarely uses automatic rifles or handguns because she doesn’t want to kill people. She mostly uses her fists when it comes to fighting.

Enemies or afraid of: She is afraid of spiders and mice. Her enemies are: Spiderman, Batman and Superman.

Clothing Style: She always wears pants. Most of the time, it’s simple jeans and a t-shirt to it. She doesn’t really care about her looks.

Secret: She killed her parents.

Fetish accessories: Wherever she goes, Jennifer always wears a tight belt because she wears oversized pants. Also, she always has a purse that matches her dress.

Favorite Sports: Her favorite sport is hockey. Everyone in her family used to play it. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved the sport. She also plays tennis sometimes.

Favorite Books : Her favorite books are all of Agatha Christies’ crime novels such as Murder is easy, The cat among the pigeons, The A.B.C. of murders, etc. She also likes French books such as Le cadaver dans la rolls or Le dernier coyote written by Micheal Conelly.

Favorite Movies : Her favorite movies are the Lion King, Madagascar and of course the Star Wars franchise. Other than that, she also likes the James Bond movies.

Favorite Music/Groups/Singers : Her two favorite groups are The Beatle and Backstreet Boys. When she is sad, she likes to listen to classical music.

Favorite Video Games: She likes to play first person shooter games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. She also enjoys playing EA sports games such as FIFA or NHL.

Favorite Board Games: Monopoly and Chess.