Get Obsessed

“This book is amazing. Kiera Cass wrote this book with so much emotion and you can already tell what is going to happen but nonetheless, it is an extraordinary read. You get so caught up with the characters and the plot that you can’t stop reading and end up reading the whole series. If you need a new book series to get obsessed with and you love some adventure and romance, this one was made for you!” ~ Helen G., 15


Boys & Knitting

I absolutely loved T.S. Easton’s Boys Don’t Knit (in public).  It was campy and fun and awkward in the loveable way that only the British can pull off.

The sequel, An English Boy in New York, was fun, but was really just riding on the coattails of the first book.  I felt it was trying harder than it needed to.

Regardless, I still like the premise of a boy in the knitting world.

Highly recommended fantasy adventure!


fablehaven3“Grip of the Shadow Plague is the third book in the Fablehaven series, and was originally supposed to be the last novel. In the first book, two siblings, Kendra and Seth find out their grandparents own a reserve for mythical creatures. In this book, the children must survive the creatures’ onslaught as they get taken over by the shadow plague. This is a wonderful book of fantasy adventure that I highly recommend you read.” ~ Maxim V., 12